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I am a recent PhD graduate from School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, where I was a member of Autonomy Lab. My main area of PhD research was vision mediated human-UAV interaction. Besides, I am interested in developing tools and techniques that make robotic experiments robust and more fun. I am a passionate roboticist and software developer, a free software enthusiastic, a former Robocuper and a big fan of Die Mannschaft.

Projects & Free Software

HRI In the Sky 2011 - now

HRI In The Sky
As part of my PhD research, I work on methods and techniques to enable humans interact with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (aka Flying Robots). The goal is to let un-instrumented users create teams of UAVs, grab their attention and command them using natural interfaces such as Gaze, Gestures and Voice.
Papers: IROS'13  IROS'13  HRI'14  IROS'15  IROS'16
Videos: IROS'13  IROS'13  HRI'14  IROS'15  IROS'16

Parrot Bebop Drone 2015 - now

ROS Driver for Parrot Bebop Drone
bebop_autonomy is my newly released ROS driver for Parrot Bebop drone (quadrocopter). It is similar in functionalities to my other driver, ardrone_autonomy. However I developed it from scratch with a new architecture for improved speed and reliability. It is also packed with some new features.
 Project homepage and  source code

DRUMS 2013 - now

Distributed Robot Monitoring System (DRUMS)
DRUMS is a real-time distributed monitoring system designed with robotic applications in mind. This paper from CRV'14 describes the system. The code is in pre-release state and is available here.

Parrot AR-Drone 2.0 2012 - now

ROS Driver for Parrot AR-Drone 2.0
ardrone_autonomy is a driver to interface with Parrot AR-Drone quadrocopters through Robot Operating System (ROS). Since its release in 2012, it is being used by many robotic and UAV researches around the globe. Google Scholar has indexed more than 60 publications (as of 8/16) that mention ardrone_autonomy.
 Project homepage and  source code

Parsian 2012 SSL Robots 2005 - 2011

RoboCup Small Size Soccer Robots
I was a founding member of Parsian RoboCup small size soccer robots team. I joined Parsian as a software developer in 2006, then led and supervised the team for RoboCup'09, '10 and '11. Notable achievements include 2nd place in technical challenges in RoboCup'10 (Singapore) and 4th place in the main competition in RoboCup'11 (Turkey). I also served as a technical committee member of small size league for RoboCup'10.

Wordpress Persian Project 2005 - 2010
2013 - now

Wordpress Persian Project & wp-jalali plug-in
I co-founded Wordpress Persian Project (wp-persian) in 2005. The goal of this project is to enhance the experience of Persian (Farsi) language speaking users of popular Wordpress publishing platform through translation, code contribution and support. I am also the original author of popular wp-jalali Wordpress plug-in. Products of wp-persian project have been downloaded more than 1.7 million times. wp-jalali is currently being used on more than 100,000 active Wordpress installations.

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My list of publications is available through this page. You can also check my Google Scholar Profile.


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